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The other Linda

"Stop messing about"

I've just listened to this on BBC 7 and realised I don't recall the programme at all. It sounds like "Round the Horne" but with Kenneth Horne missing and Kenneth Williams becoming the main player. It dates from 1969, which is while I was a student, so it must have been broadcast at a time when I was doing something else.

"Round the Horne" fans might find it worth a trial listen.
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Yes, I think I noticed that at about the same time as you. It's rather an enjoyable listen, I think, but the format doesn't work quite as well without Kenneth Horne as its centrepiece. It's like that bizarre episode of RTH when he was absent so his lines were distributed between everyone else. Kenneth Williams is marvellous, IMHO, but he's the farthest thing possible from a "straight man" (no pun or offense intended).

P.S., speaking of Kenneth Williams: I saw my first "Carry On" movie, Carry On Cleo, yesterday. I thought it my duty as a British comedy fan. Somewhat to my surprise, I absolutely loved it! ("Blimus!") You have to be in the right frame of mind beforehand though, and I'm pretty sure from the descriptions and reviews I've read that I wouldn't much fancy the later downright smutty installments in the series. What do the ISIRTA etc. crowd think of "Carry On", I wonder...?
I find them very variable. Don't think of them as films, they were made with as much rehearsal as a TV series and it shows. I tend to find a combination of Barbara Windsor and Sid James leaves you with too much smut and not enough humour.

Carry on Cleo is one of the better ones. Carry on Up the Kyber is also worth a try. Carry on Sergeant, the first of the series, was based on a novel and so has a different atmosphere.
Carry on Cleo has one of the best punes or plays on words EVAH - "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!" Carry on Screaming is pretty good, too, and Don't Lose Your Head, which is the Scarlet Pimpernel spoof that has Kenneth Williams as the villain, Citizen Camembert: "I'm the big cheese around here" and then there's Follow That Camel, the Foreign Legion one, and... and... oh, I must go and watch them again!

The best are brilliant, the worst merely smutty, though very much of their time.
and... and... oh, I must go and watch them again!

Sounds like a recommendation to me. ;-)
The programme came about because Kenneth Horne sadly died very unexpectedly. I agree, it's not the same without that fruity voice that made the innuendoes so very funny.