The other Linda (reapermum) wrote in isirta,
The other Linda

Humphry Lyttelton RIP

Humph has died What will happen to ISIHAC? They cancelled the recording of the next series in June because he had gone into hospital, but what can they do now.

He will be missed.
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Given Tim's frequent interview comments about how both he and Humph would say "never again!" before each new series, plus the same discussion that came up after Willie's Rushton's death, I would say, sadly, that they're probably going to wrap the whole thing up. At least they made 50 series - that should be a record in itself!

And indeed, deep condolences to Humph's family and the music & broadcasting industries. Rest in peace Humph. :'(
I can't imagine the programme without him. All good things must come to an end. :(

I like to think that Humph and Willie Rushton have been reunited in some celestial tavern where the drinks are free and the conversation is witty and outrageous.
It's the end of an era, certainly. Very sad indeed.

Who knows what will happen? There have been conflicting answers in the past about whether they would continue without him, if I recall correctly. I wouldn't be surprised if they ended ISIHAC altogether though.
My money is on at least one more series. And the odds are getting higher: "Meanwhile, speculation is rising about whether the ‘antidote to panel games’ will continue following Lyttelton’s death on Friday at the age of 86.

Although Humph’s lugubrious presence and dry wit defined the show he hosted since 1972, insiders suggest the show is likely to find a new host.

Panellist Graeme Garden told the BBC’s in-house paper Ariel: ‘On a personal note, I do want the show to go on and the fans do, too. It can never be the same, bit I’d like to think it still had legs.’

But he said it would be a mistake to ‘try to find a copy of Humph’.

Barry Cryer added: ‘A few years ago, he jokingly said that if he went under a bus, there should be no misplaced loyalty and the show should go on.’"

And I really do think it will. It's bread and butter for Messrs. Garden, Brooke-Taylor and Cryer. Gets 'em out of the house. Keeps 'em in front of the fans.(granted, we might have another Goodies reunion tour if the show were to end, but that's much more work) But it'll only work if there's a whole new chair in charge. As different from Humph as can be, while still ruling over the panel. The writers will craft a new character, just as they wrote what evolved into the character of "Humph." (listen back to shows from the first 20 series, and you'll hear the difference)

My idea for a new chair: julian clary. The complete antithesis of the past chair, but honestly....can you think of anything that could silence that bunch of quipsters faster than a withering glance from an old queen? (no offense intended, but I mean the stereotypical "old queen" character. And the withering glance? The same as he shot at ol' pal Paul on HIGNFY last if they haven't done that routine hundreds of times over the past 20-plus years) And awfully good at slinging innuendo, too.
Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke Taylor and Graeme Garden have all said that they wouldn't continue with Clue without Humph. I believe the show will (And should) finish now.