Fluffy (sunflowerinrain) wrote in isirta,

Risotto's madrigal

I've just listened to a programme of ISIRTA from 1966 which included a piece by Risotto: originally a concerto, later a madrigal, and here arranged for four voices and Tim Brooke-Taylor. It's called "There was a ship that put to sea all in the month of May".

Please, please, does anyone know where I can get the music? I really want to perform it!
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I don't know of any such. You may have to get a recording to someone who can transcribe it for you. It was, of course brilliant, and definitely an inspiration for my own song "The Mighty Mary Lee" (www.minstrosity.com).
I found someone who has transcribed it! :))



June 20 2010, 05:29:02 UTC 6 years ago

The piece in question was in fact written by Eric Idle, and based on a typical madrigal style according to interviews he's given about it. He later reprised the same song on an episode of Saturday Night Live, with himself and 3 members of the SNL cast (I could be wrong, but I believe it was Murray, Newman, and Curtin) singing with him. I have an old SNL videotape of the show, I just can't remember if it was done in 1976 or 1978 (leaning toward '76).