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I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again

A bit late to tune out now...

I'm Sorry I'll Type That Again
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What is there to say? We just thought there ought to be a community for this terrific BBC Radio 4 classic show. It now repeats on BBC7 on Mondays. In case anyone's wondering, we're Americans and think the show is great! All members welcome; talk about I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (ISIHAC/Clue) is fine, as is anything about The Goodies, Monty Python (in moderation, please), At Last The 1948 Show, Broaden Your Mind, etc.

For those hearing about the Wonder Show (on Radio Prune) for the first time, it featured:
Tim Brooke-Taylor
John Cleese
Graeme Garden
David Hatch
Jo Kendall
Bill Oddie
Songs by Bill Oddie with music from the Dave Lee Group
Produced by: Humphrey Barclay (1964-1968), David Hatch & Peter Titheridge (1968-end)

Basically, this is just a community to hang out and talk about ISIRTA and related radio or TV shows from the period and/or featuring some of the ISIRTA cast.

Feel free to join and say something, anything!

We, for future reference, are bangdrum and stwhoges

*Like playing the wacky games on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue? Check out i_havent_a_clue!*

And of course, we close with the Angus Prune Tune...

My name is Angus Prune
And I always listen to I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again
(You don't!)
My name is Angus Prune
And I never miss I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again
(Get away!)
I sit in my bath
And I have a good laugh
The station is named after me
(Tell us yer name!)
My name is Angus Prune
And this is my tune
It goes: I-S-I-R-T-A
I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again!