Jaala (jaala) wrote in isirta,

So, what's happening in the land of ISIRTA? Nothing?

I've just finished listening to every episode available through OTR Cat and had a most delightful time getting really acquainted with the show. I couldn't even begin to list all of the things I love about it. If they were available, I'd buy an "I love Lady Constance" T-shirt.

I just have one obscure question: who is the one particular cast member who, in many of the shows, does the, "You don't... get away... tell us your name..." bits? Sometimes it's all of them except Bill, sometimes it's Graeme, but most of the time it's... Tim? David?
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I don't know about nothing. I try to turn my friends onto it whenever I can. I <3 Oddie songs!
There should be "I love Lady Constance" T-shirts!

As for your question, I can listen to a bunch later tonight, then, because (thanks to lovely Time Warner cable) I have no internet at home, never be able to answer you until either: 1. I'm at school again (which won't be til Monday), or 2. They decide to actually FIX whatever they're doing to prevent people from getting online.

As a rough guess, I think I'd say Tim though... Could just as well be David... Like I said, I'll check. Response TBA.
Don't feel you have to hurry. It's not exactly a life-or-death matter. ;-)
The single voices I've heard sound slightly more like David than Tim, but don't quote me on that.